About Us

At SMART we have extensive experience in the development and mangement of a building program control process, which results in facilities of excellent quality that are designed and constructed on schedule and within budget.  We believe that successful building programs require informed and clear decision-making leadership.  We provide that leadership to insure the best performance, from the desing consultants throught the construction building process.  SMART has the management expertise and technical skills to promote the interest of the Owner through this process.

As successful project managers, we possess the comprehensive knowledge acquired from over 20 years of combined industry experience to assist our clients in anticipating and resolving critical issues between the budget, scheduling, and construction operations of each project.


Each project is unique and we have found there are four basic elements common to all successful projects:

  • COMMITMENT - We are commited to each project.  Our goal is to bring to each project a sense of teamwork, and to provide the necessary direction for all parties involved in the process.
  • TRUST - We develop a project team that includes the Owner, architect/engineer, consultants and contractor, and provide leadership and direction to that team.  We work diligently to create and foster a sense of trust among all team members.  A properly functioning team concentrates on the primary objective of the Owner -  a successful project completed on time within budget.
  • IMPLEMENTATION OF MUTUAL GOALS - We encourage a respectful working relationship among all team members, while focusing on the Owner's goals.
  • TIMELY DECISIONS - We work hard with the Owner to create an approval process for all project activity to make sure all decisions are made promptly.  The project budget and schedule are a primary focus.

In addition to our construction consulting services, SMART works directly with each client in all administration and facilites management requirements from design through the construction process including, but not limited to: strategic planning, budget/cost control, value engineering, design review, hospital/clinic space planning, critical path scheduling, contractor selection assistance and negotiations.

SMART's personnel have extensive general contracting backgrounds and the expertise to see your project from inception to successful completion.

A lot of time, thought, and money is spent getting from plans to being able to relize the income stream that was your goal. A lot can happen along the way.

Does your "bid set" of plans really include all it should?  What might be missing that will cost you both time and money?  Once the project is funded, the time clock is running to get those "heads in beds" and start generating a positive income stream.  Plan errors and construction errors can slow the progress of your project.  Have someone with years of practical construction experience look at your project both pre-construction and during construction.

Don't let a lack of good quality control affect the rentability of your project, or the marketabilty if you eventually intend to sell your product.  Things that dont' appear to be important in the rush of construction can become important after the rush to build is over and you have time to catch you breath.  Now is not the tiem to discover potential defects, or worse yet, have a prospective buyer find ove during his due diligence period.

The Long Hard Road

An extra set of eyes costs little in the big picture, and talking to someone costs you only a few minutes of your time. See what practical experience can do for you.

Plan Review

Most Third Party reviews only review their own disciplines.  Cross disciplinary coordination is something you thought you bought when you contracted for drawings.  In reality, a lot can get by because no on focused on it, or they just had not run across that problem before.  Let someone who has built many projects review your plan, someone who know that "something just is not right" and has time to find out why.

Qualitiy Control

You need independent verification that you are receiving the quality you expect as the job progresses.  Is your staff too focused on production to really look at the quality control aspects of your job?  Are you using a third party contractor and you need someone to verify that the work is being completed properly?  I won't let mistakes be covered up and cause you problems later.

Owner Representative

If you are an Owner who uses third parties to do your work, I can act as your representative.  Let someone who understands construction stand in for you to free up your time or your staff's time, so that you can move on to that next project.

Temporary Services

Did someone take another job at a critical time? Is your staff overwhelmed due to illness?  Perhaps your staff needs a little help to get them over the hump?  I can provide you with most things that your staff does not have the time to do including help with scheduling, bidding, quantity take-off, contracts or almost anything else that you have a need for assistance.

Cut down on the number of Requests for Information.  Avoid the delays to your schedule and the costly extras that can result from plan mistakes or omissions.


Smart has the ability to perform multiple tasks within our organization that allow us to maintain lower overhead and pass these savings to our clients.

When a project becomes active, we review the project size, type. location and time requirements.  We match these elements with our entire staff.  Our services are customized to meet the specifice needs of each project.

Our risk assessment is made before any project activity starts.  We determine the steps to be initiated and in place for demolition/ renovation/ addition, interim life safety measures (ILSM), infection control measures (ICM), utility disruption mitigation (UDM), and noise/vibration and air quality (NVAQ).

If a scheduled or emergent situation occurs there is always someone who can provide the support necessary to keep the project moving forward.

Our many satisfied clients will attest that truly successful projects are those in which all parties enter into the project with a goal of mutual success and complete the project with a feeling of individual success as well.  SMART is commited to the highest standards of management and quality control to guarantee that each project is a success.

We provide a wide range of services to meet your unique project requirements:

  • Operations management
  • Department programming
  • Budgeting/Cost control
  • Value engineering
  • Financial analysis
  • Contract negotiations
  • Communications/Goal setting
  • Policy formulation/ implementation
  • Design Review
  • Property development
  • Feasibility studies
  • Hospital/ Clinic space planning
  • Critical path scheduling
  • Strategic planning
  • Design Team management
  • Project quality control
  • Personnel management
  • Contractor selection assistance
  • Narrative reports
  • Bid preparations/ implementation

Who We Are

Frank Hawbolt

Senior Estimator and Project Manager

Frank has worked in the construction Industry for over 20 years.  He has ran projects in excess of 20 million dollars.  Maintaining cost codes, budgets and over-seeing sub-contractors.  Frank has worked for various General Engineering Companies as well as specialized Demolition Contractors.  He is accurate and precise and willing to achieve any goal set in front of him.